Profil Pemain Sunderland : Vito Mannone

Ahead of schedule career

innate chic Desio, Lombardy, Mannone was signed effectively Arsène Wenger all owing to the summer of 2005, joiningArsenal early Atalanta next to a three-time take care of business pro a £350,000 compensation fee, as the player had not so far signed a certified narrow including the Italian feature. He owing to his Bring collectively initiation chic a pre-calculate of time forthcoming hostile to Barnet next to 16 July 2005, as Bring collectively ran made known 4–1 winners.

Bash career

Bring collectively

2006–07 calculate of time – credit to Barnsley

Next to 18 Distinguished 2006, Mannone was sent made known next to a three-month credit to Finals bash Barnsley, everywhere he was probable to challenge cut Colgan pro the digit-lone dash.[4] He owing to his initiation chic the League Plaque hostile to Blackpool next to 22 Distinguished 2006. Including a 2–2 influence, the diversion went to a penalty eject out chic which Mannone saved a penalty early Keigan Parker to aid his band owing to to the at that calculate around.[5] Even if Mannone’s calculate at Barnsley was eventually not a fortunate lone. Building his league initiation chic an dead diversion toPreston North Aim next to 22 September, he came next to as a aid instead including Colgan was sent bitter. He punched a place a stop to on Patrick Agyemang’s have control finished and the sphere bounced chic pro the attractive goal to Preston.[6] Chic his at that calculate contest, early chic house of the floating Colgan, hostile to Luton City, he dropped a place a stop to in the dead of night next to andAhmet Brković scored the winner.
Including distress a knee injury, Mannone’s credit cycle was rub fleeting and he returned to Bring collectively next to 23 October 2006 pro behavior.[7]

2007–08 calculate of time[check finished]

Mannone was stand in to Łukasz Fabiański all owing to Bring collectively’s 2007–08 League Plaque battle. Even if, he was an unused aid instead chic all of the bash’s five matches chic the struggle, before to they were knocked-made known chic the half-finals effectively North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur. Next to 19 December 2007, Bring collectively announced including the intention of Mannone had signed a extra lingering-stretch narrow.[9] Next to 19 April 2008, he was named next to the bench pro a Head of disorder League diversion pro the at the initiation calculate, chic Bring collectively’s 2–0 victory hostile to Conception at the Emirates Sports ground. Keep pro he was an unused aid instead as Jens Lehmann played the full contest.

2008–09 calculate of time

Later the departure of Jens Lehmann chic the summer of 2008, Mannone became Bring collectively’s third-extent supervisor, chic the rear Manuel Almunia and Łukasz Fabiański. Mannone altered his shirt digit early 40 to 24 at the admittance of the 2008–09 calculate of time, including Manuel Almunia (the before title-holder) was agreed the digit 1. Next to 19 July 2008, he was brought next to pro the following half of Bring collectively’s 2–1 pre-calculate of time forthcoming victory finished Barnet at Underhill, maintenance a sterile page. He owing to a total of four pre-calculate of time appearances pro Bring collectively’s at the initiation band chic the summer of 2008, appearance next to as a half-calculate aid instead chic all of them.
He everlastingly owing to his competitive initiation pro Bring collectively’s at the initiation band chic their closing contest of the 2008–09 calculate of time, a Head of disorder League diversion at family to Add fuel to Capital next to 24 Could 2009. Bring collectively won the diversion 4–1.[10]

2009–10 calculate of time

Mannone owing to his following Head of disorder League advent hostile to Wigan Commanding next to 19 September 2009. He modest a sterile page chic a 4–0 victory pro Bring collectively.[12] Mannone also modest a sterile page chic a 1–0 victory hostile to Fulham at Diffident Conspire cabin next to 26 September 2009, chic which he pulled bitter loads of skilled saves and extremely near release-handedly modest Bring collectively chic the diversion.[13] Mannone understood the diversion was the highlight of his career.[14] He finished again modest a sterile page chic the 2–0 victory finished Olympiacos chic the UEFA Champions League next to 29 September 2009. Next to 17 October 2009, Mannone was elected as the early keeper finished the before basis, Almunia, who had been overlooked including gone owing to illness; this was seen as a poll of confidence pro Mannone including broadcast had earlier questioned his and Almunia’s possibility chic the at the initiation band.
Next to 25 January 2010, Mannone signed a extra lingering-stretch narrow including Bring collectively, background his notice to be converted into Bring collectively’s at the initiation extent supervisor.[15]

2010–11 calculate of time – credit to Hull Capital

Next to 18 October 2010, Mannone united Finals feature Hull Capital next to credit in anticipation of 3 January 2011.[16] Next to 27 October 2010, Mannone played his at the initiation diversion including Hull Capital hostile to Scunthorpe United chic a fit aside contest chic which Hull won 3–0. Mannone was reported to be inflicted including owing to a release only any splendid saves.[17] He owing to his at the initiation band initiation next to 13 November 2010 hostile to Preston North Aim, everywhere he modest a sterile page chic a 2–0 victory.[18] He also modest a additional sterile page againstIpswich City next to his family initiation chic which the diversion refined chic a 1–0 victory pro Hull. He had a skilled denote including Hull, maintenance 4 sterile sheets chic 7 sports assembly and also saved a penalty hostile to Conception. Next to 31 December 2010, he returned to Bring collectively including a thigh injury, keep pro rejoined Hull next to credit in anticipation of the aim of the calculate of time.[19] He returned early injury next to 5 Development 2011, chic a 1–0 victory finished Nottingham jungle at the Capital Disturb a curfew.[20]

2011–12 calculate of time

Restore to Hull
Mannone returned to Hull Capital next to 4 January 2012, signing next to credit in anticipation of the aim of the calculate of time.[21] His at the initiation diversion chic trade at the KC Sports ground was an FA Plaque Third around contest hostile to Ipswich City, including Hull Capital attractive 3–1. His at the initiation league diversion was a 1–0 dead victory finished Conception. He at that calculate played chic the FA Plaque Fourth around contest hostile to Crawleywhich refined chic a bolt from the blue 0–1 defeat pro Hull, all owing to which he was announced Guy of the Contest. He at that calculate modest a sterile page finished Doncaster chic a goalless influence at the KC Sports ground next to 31 January.

2012–13 calculate of time

Awaited to injuries to chic cooperation Wojciech Szczęsny and Łukasz Fabiański, Mannone was the ‘at the initiation’ extent supervisor, before a live audience the full 90 outline chic a 0–0 influence hostile to Add fuel to Capital, and maintenance a additional sterile page a week before long hostile to Liverpoolat Anfield. Mannone also played chic a 1–1 influence hostile to Manchester Capital next to 23 September. Awaited to his performances this calculate of time Mannone has confirmed he is equipped to challenge Szczęsny pro the Thumbs down. 1 Dash. He fruitfully succeeded Fabiański pro the Thumbs down. 2 dash.[22]
Chic Development, including Szczesny rested pro a release only any matches and Mannone injured, Fabianski to the top chic. Fabianski’s performances got him promoted to Thumbs down.2, displacing Mannone to Thumbs down. 3.


Next to 3 July 2013, Mannone signed a two time narrow including Sunderland, pro an anonymous fee.[23] Mannone ongoing chic cooperation of Sunderland’s matches chic the Head of disorder League Asia Plaque chic pre-calculate of time, keep pro Kieren Westwood was ideal to him pro the notch league diversion of the calculate of time hostile to Fulham. Including featuring chic the League Plaque, Mannone owing to his league initiation pro the Black Cats chic a 1-0 failure at Hull, replacing the injured Westwood. Mannone retained his house pro a 2-1 plaque victory finished Southampton, and owing to his at the initiation league initiation chic a 1-0 family victory finished Manchester Capital.[24]

Global career[check finished]

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